TorZo is a one of a kind product.  Utilizing post-agricultural and post-industrial wood products they infuse the product to make it something greater than itself.  The products can be used for solid surfaces, wall cladding and flooring.  

These one of a kind products can bring the natural beauty of wood to your project without sacrificing durability.  We use products such as OSB, MDF, Hemp, Sorghum, Wheat, beetle killed pine and even recycled denim.  Many of the products come from FSC certified sources and several have HPD's.

3D Cork Bricks - Natural - Georgian Library 5.jpg

Envision interior walls with the appeal of traditional brick, but with a 3 dimensional design, softer texture, warmer feeling and a more sophisticated, yet inviting, style.  Achieve that vision with Cork Bricks, a decorative wall innovation that preserves and presents all the natural variation and true character of cork.

Precision cut in three dimensions, Cork Bricks come in three different sizes and variations in thickness.  Offering a remarkable combination of time-honored, European artisanship and high-tech, contemporary appeal, Cork Bricks complement rustic and modern decor.

Kinetic Install 2 Flat.jpg

Textura is an interlocking wood wall panel that uses the beauty of natural wood to provide modern lines with an element of depth and texture.  The staggered edge and interlocking panels make the seamless installation a breeze.  
Textura is a 3D tile mosaic made from kiln dried and thermally modified sustainably harvested North American Fir.  Available in several different patterns, the mesh backed tiles enable a seamless look bringing geometry to the next level.  Also available in a site-applied Class A fire coating.

Concrete flex - Dark Cement - Rendering (lower).jpg

Concrete Flex is an environmentally friendly and sustainable collection that redefines that concrete "concept".  Suitable for both exterior and interior applications, Concrete Flex is a thin composite panel of flexible concrete.

The panels are flexible (can wrap tight columns), extremely lightweight (easy to handle) and highly stable (can be used inside or out).  Resistant to fire, microorganisms, moisture, ice, freeze/thaw, high impact and insects.  Concrete Flex is wildly innovative, remarkable versatile in its potential applications.

Sustainable Flooring - Showercork shower base.jpg

Versacork is a post-industrial, recycled cork mosaic tile sourced as "by-product" from the wine bottling industry.  Suitable for flooring and wall installations, Versacork provides unmatched design versatility with technical benefits no other tile can offer.

Versacork Mosaic brings European style, appealing texture, natural warmth, and sound softening to floors and walls.  Decorative and functional in commercial and residential settings.  It is waterproof so it's suitable in wet or dry installations.

Metalegance Pure - Oxide + Multi - Rendering.jpg

Metalegance is a large format, fire-resistant metallic panel, made with a proprietary 4-layer coating system, available in 3 distinct visuals: oxidized metal, pigmented fiber and polished concrete.

Metalegance is an extremely flexible, magnetic, fire-rated panel.  Each panel is CNC cut to exacting standards to allow for simple and accurate installations.

Korkstone - Saphire - Bedroom Germany.jpg

Korkstone is a densified, three-dimensional molded brick that has both shimmer and velvety aspects.  The product composition is simultaneously light yet strong and durable.  Based upon a combination of high technology and handmade finishing, Korkstone provides a balance between function and luxury.