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When we say you can do nearly anything with TorZo, we mean it. But we understand that seeing is believing, so we here are a few of our favorite projects to help you shed the conventions of typical building materials and start designing freely.

In 2004, after years of research and development, Specialty Polymers launched an acrylic-infused wood product under the name WoodSure™. By 2007, the sustainable community was clamoring for green materials that could be used in the building industry. Specialty Polymers responded and began applying its polymer infusion technology to a wide range of sustainable composite boards made of recycled or reclaimed timber and agricultural by-products.

TorZo Surfaces officially launched in 2008 introducing a unique and stunning line of sustainable interior surfacing materials. Today, WoodSure™  continues to process solid wood materials for use primarily by artists and craftsmen.

Over two decades of innovation and evolution, TorZo Surfaces is now a leading manufacturer of LEED-quality interior architectural coverings made with sustainable and renewable substrates. Ray’s family continues to lead TorZo Surfaces into the future—envisioning and innovating the materials of tomorrow for the architectural designers of today.

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